In Grade R we strive to create a happy environment where the children can learn through play. Through play, children learn about the world as well as discover themselves – starting with their fingers and toes and gradually including their whole body, their emotions and their minds.

In our classroom we learn to take turns, share and what it means to be a kind friend. We teach children that please and thank you are still magic words. We encourage the learners to say “I’ll try my best” rather than “I can’t”. Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and the power of imagination is promoted. At the end of the year we hope to have formed a well rounded child in all learning areas.

In Grade 1 we follow the CAPS curriculum as well as the Jolly Phonics Programme to teach reading. Meaningful learning opportunities are created for all learners and holistic development is promoted. We do this through interactive lessons which incorporate concrete resources so that learners are able to learn through fun and manipulation.

In the classroom we strive to create an environment that is positive, nurturing and inclusive. We encourage curiosity, exploration and working together. Learners build special friendships and grow their confidence as they go through the year.

In our warm and welcoming grade, every learner is valued and included! The atmosphere is always bright and open minded, and we celebrate diversity in all its forms. Learners are encouraged to express themselves freely and explore their interests, while learning to respect and appreciate others. With a positive and supportive environment, we aim to foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

In our grade we share a deep love for our friends and school. Not only do we love learning new things on the mat, by our tables, on our whiteboards and from the projector, doing art also allows us to express ourselves through creativity. We encourage any opportunity for the children to show that they can be a responsible leader and good example for others. When they show improvement in academics or behaviour, kindness and care for the environment, they are acknowledged with rewards.

Our Grade 3 is a good mix of work and fun. We aim to integrate school work with real life experiences as we go about
our day. We know that there is a time to work but also a time to have fun and be silly. We use a scaffolding approach in my where the stronger learners are given the opportunity to stretch their knowledge and creativity, and the ones
who need more support through one on one or small group intervention are aided at their level. We
enjoy learning through games and love to tackle a new challenges, riddles or puzzles.

In die graad 3 klas is ons soos ñ klein familie.
Bo en behalwe die CAPS  kurrikulum wat ons volg, leer ons ook waardes aan soos hulpvaardigheid, vriendelikheid, om trots te wees op myself en my werk en reëls na te kom.
Graad 3 is die laaste jaar van die grondslagfase fase daarom probeer ons sover as moontlik om leerders goed voor te berei vir die volgende fase.
Tussendeur maak ons ook tyd om die swaarkry met lekkerkry klaar te kry!