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Transform to Perform

Transform to Perform is a WECD initiative that has taken root in our school. It is a program where we
aim to equip children with social and emotional skills that will take them beyond their school career.
We aim to equip children with a growth mindset, which is the belief that a person’s intelligence is
fluid and is able to grow or develop with effort. It helps to answer the question “why do some
children rebound when they fall and others just give up?” This program aims to equip learners with
positive characteristics that aim to develop and improve their holistic development as well as that of
a growth mindset. We have chosen 11 characteristics to focus on throughout the year: Healthy
discipline, respect, self-discipline, friendliness, honesty, sincerity, determination, integrity, loyalty,
humility, and kindness. Through these characteristics as well as positive discipline strategies, we aim
to have learners leaving our school ready to conquer the future